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Pour It Out & Make a Fresh Pot

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I made a half-pot of coffee yesterday morning, went to work in the yard, and never even touched it. Seeing it now made me realize that not long ago I would never have started my day without coffee first. But I have had a total major mind and body shift of life. I am doing all kinds of things better, and it starts with realizing what I don't need, what isn't conducive, and then just removing it from my life as easily as taking out the trash and putting a new bag in. What we don't need could be all kinds of "things" like material things, negative relationships, or unhealthy habits. But doing things better is not only removing what isn't productive for you, but also includes embracing more! Embracing positive relationships, trying new things, more often enjoying simplicity in everything, practicing unrelenting gratefulness for what God has and is doing in and through you, and finding the sunrise in every circumstance. So this is my "untouched half-pot of day old coffee" pep talk for you. Your life can bless you AND others too. You can be happy AND love the Lord with your whole heart and body and mind. If all you do is pour out without also pouring in, you will run dry and be empty soon. And if you don't like where you are in life, go somewhere new!! You don't even have to afford a ticket for that trip. Just decide to change, and change a little bit everyday. You will end up where you'd rather be quicker than you think, because the trip is half of the fun! Now I am going to pour out this old pot of coffee and make a fresh pot, sit on my swing, watch the birds eat from the feeders the good Lord made me able to fill, and thank Him for a fresh outlook on life, and get to work again. Go have a blessed day and be a blessing too!

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