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Beautiful Storm

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I don't like the destruction that comes from hurricanes, of coarse, but they have always been exciting to me even as a small child. When a storm is approaching and it turns cloudy and windy, I just want to sit by the window and watch. Seeing the extreme power that these storms bring is awe-some to me. Even though storms are a result of mankind's original fall, they still reveal God's creative power, and also man's weakness. Our lives are like a vapor of air. We are here one moment, and are gone the next. When the World Trade Center towers tumbled into a massive heap, the revelation of the amount of work and material it took to build them was felt by all, especially in the cleanup process, but that was minuscule in comparison to creation by our Omnipotent God. Man's little creative power could be seen even in the fallen state of those buildings, and some of God's power can be seen in these storms. That being said, you all know my faith in Christ. I know He really lived, was truly quoted by His followers, and did definitely do the miraculous things that were (first century) recorded of Him doing, not only by His followers, but also corroborated by historians of the first century as well. Confirmed by witnesses, Jesus said that He was leaving us to go and make a place for us (believers) and would come again to take us to be there with Him. He said, "If it were not so, I would have told you." Those were His words because it was important to Him that we understand that it would actually happen, and that we should keep our faith and hope rooted in what He has promised even if it takes longer than we want. To see the wind bending the trees and flood waters rushing from these massive movements in our climate only reminds me that a day of extraordinary awe and power, like has never been seen before, has been promised to us by the One Who keeps all His promises. God is in control now despite these storms, He will be when He raptures His children, and He will be when the sky splits open, and He makes His final return to judge the earth.

If it were not true, He would have told us...

When you watch the next storm come through, ask yourself what part of His return will you be prepared to see?

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