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In Our Neighborhood

Updated: May 18

We, have been collecting photos over the last year, of things around us that we often take for granted or don't take the time to really look at. My daughters and myself have tried to get our camera to get things at certain angles that make even the ordinary thing interesting to stare at. Some of these are obviously beautiful, but some of the are simple architectural things or shots taken from unusual perspectives. The goal was not to go far from home, but to capture things that are always there in different ways. I especially love that these are photos of things right around us in our own neck of the woods. Sometimes we look for beauty by looking over it right around us. This is a reminder to me to enjoy, more often, what is right under my nose. Sometimes just a change of perspective will bring out a brand new view.

Hopefully you will enjoy these and maybe even attempt to capture your own surroundings in a new way as well.

Click on the photo to enlarge them and see them better. You can easily open them up and then scroll through.

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