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  • Julie Branstetter

East is from West

Psalms 103:12 "He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west."

When I read this verse and recall that this was written in a time when people believed the earth was flat it only furthers that the message of this is from the Lord. Why did David say east and west instead of north or south?

Today we know that there is a distinct point at which the north and the south meet. We refer to those points as the Geographic North Pole and the Geographic South Pole, where the axis of the earth rotates. However, now we realize the earth is round and we still have no geographic distinction between east and west. The Word of God was written by men, but authored (inspired) by God. God is demonstrating, in all His perfect knowledge through the Word, that our former sins are so far removed from us, (believers) that there will be no distinction of them in His memory or in time. It is not because He has become unable to remember, but that He has chosen not to remember them. He has not only forgiven us but He has laid to rest every right sin had over us. In Christ, the power of sin is broken. And the power to live righteously is a gift that only He could and would give. It is a gift we must choose to appropriate and use, but it is possible to live righteously. If you begin to travel west you will eventually be in the east; if you believe and follow Christ, you will eventually appear changed, even as your soul has already been renewed.

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