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Take Some Time Today

Updated: Mar 24

Take some time to slow down to pay attention to details a little longer, to soak in the moments we generally pass through unaware. Take time today to quietly think about who is God. Have you ever stopped to just think about Him? Do you often stop to prayerfully contemplate who He is, not the things He does, but what they reflect about Him? God dwells and operates in a separate realm and yet His Spirit also is with us in ours.

He is Omnipresent. He does not obey time, time obey's Him. He does not live within the box of beginnings and endings, He IS the beginning and the end. He is eternal, forever, constant and never changing. Just think about how different that is from our experience in the earth. Is He not completely magnificent?

He is Omnipotent. Everything around us is of His creative nature, even in the world's fallen state, there is still so much beauty and wonder. Can we even begin to imagine what it was all like when it was perfect, fresh off the press of His hand and voice? And yet, He uses His power to refrain from just enough to give us freedom of will and of choice.

God is omniscient, all knowing of everything. He hears the thoughts and knows every plan. We cannot change the plan just to trip Him up; He knows our plans and dreams before we dream them. Just because we can't change our plans from His knowing doesn't mean we don't have free will, it just simply means He knows what we will choose regardless of what we choose. He is wisdom so much that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of our wisdom. He does not fret or worry or doubt. The things we struggle over He already knows the way out and before we pray He has already dispatched the answer for us. We can't remove Him regardless of how much man rejects Him. He is God and He will always be God. He was here for eternity before we ever began and when our earthly story is over, He will continue to be. And yet, He draws us to Him. He has need for nothing but wants to be with us so much He gave up everything. He is all good, there is no evil in Him. Just think about Him. Who is like Him?

He is so outside of the power of the mind (no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can conceive) that what He does and gives almost always surprises or baffles us. No wonder that in His presence, almost unanimously, we are silenced. And yet He speaks truths and understanding into our minds and hearts. He gives us wisdom just for asking. He relates to us in pain, in life, in eternity. When asked who He is, He said, "I AM."

He is limitless. And when, because of our sin, a price had to be paid, He did not ask another human to become perfect and pay it for us all. He humbled Himself to BECOME human and pay the price HIMSELF. My God, My God! Take some time today to think about Him. If you don't know Him, you may not know it now, but you want to and you need to and you can. And it is as simple as reaching out and asking Him to let you know Him. He knocks at the door already, open the door, begin to pray. If you do know Him, if you are a child of His, can you stop to think again today about just what that means.

How GREAT is our God? How AWESOME is He? How BLESSED are we to be called sons and daughters of the King? Who is He that He would love us? And yet we are treasures to Him. He created everything on earth that people desire, riches and every kind of treasure, but to Him the treasure is you.

He is Elohim, Jehovah, Yeshua, the Great I AM. And He has given Himself to you, not because we are wonderful, but because He is Wonderful, and He makes beautiful people and beautiful things. <3

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