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Cast Not Away

Updated: Mar 24

Life will throw you back and forth like a little boat out in deep waters during a storm. Back and forth means everything from really wonderful days to really tragic days. Life is going to give it to everyone at different times and in different ways. It's the absolute truth. With age comes experience so ask any person with significant age on them, and they will tell you it is the truth. And that would be sad news if not for one final thing to remember. God was before time, and He will continue to be when time ends. And everything that we worry about in life is just one throw in a little storm to Him; it is just one tiny moment in the whole picture of life. We feel it and at times it breaks our hearts or we rejoice, yet in His eyes and perfect knowledge it is no surprise to Him. He is never surprised or taken aback over anything at all. Every throw has a purposeful work in us. Sometimes they draw us out of narrow thinking to remember the grand whole picture of life. God doesn't fret over anything nor does He wring His hands or worry. The nature of our hearts affect Him, but they do not surprise Him. Jesus, who was God in the flesh, cried when He came to see the family of Lazarus. He did not cry for Lazarus because He was about to call Lazarus out of death. He wept for those who were broken and for those who still could not see that life is not finalized in death. He doesn't worry because He knows beginning to end and has promised us that in the end everything will be understood and made right. In the end we will understand everything we don't right now. In the end we will see how everything worked together for good. In the end we will understand how tragedy eventually folds into joy and they are not separate from each other. Tragedy doesn't cause joy, (that is insanity) but it folds into it, meaning it is all part of the whole story, and we haven't a clue what the next turn will be, but HE does. God knows. We don't have to know because God knows and God is faithful and good. He has shown us over all of time from creation’s beginning to present, how very good and faithful is He, and He does not change; He will continue to be God. He is on the throne of time, time turns in His very hand. We count time by the stars, the sun, the moon, but He hung them in the heavens Himself. Think about this: It is safe and good and comforting to always lay all of my sorrows and my joys, my questions and my praises, in His hands. It’s the place where they belong. His hands are mighty, and there is nothing impossible for Him. Remember, where ever you find yourself in the throw of the storm, whether your little boat is on top of the swell or crashing beneath what would seem like drowning waters, there will be another throw and this too shall pass, from bad to good and good to bad and back again, but in the end, oh in the end, there is He, our Lord, with you. He weeps with you, He rejoices with you. In the end, there He is never leaving you, never forgetting you, always prepared to forgive you, WANTING you, LOVING you, and INVITING you to trust and believe and remain in Him. Where ever you are in Him, He is with you and THAT is everything that will never pass away. He's the one thing in life of which we can never ever let go, He's the anchor, and the anchor still holds.

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