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Candy Corn Baby Hat

Candy Corn Baby Loom Knit Hat
Candy Corn Baby Loom Knit Hat

Here is my latest knit! I have made a candy corn baby toboggan for Jakob for this fall. I am currently working on a winter toboggan with ear flaps. I decided to do it in blue and white and I am using a bulky fuzzy type of yarn for the winter hat. If you are interested in doing this candy corn hat, it is super simple. All I did was e-wrap on the red round knitting loom with brown, orange and white. I have made them with yellow instead of brown before and they look good too, but this one looks a little better to me and will match more of his clothes. All you do is knit about 2 inches of brown and then fold up the end of the brown rim and attach it to the loom and continue with about 4 inches of orange and then switch to about an inch or so of white. I did not count the rows I simple knitted to what looked like it would fit Jakob but you could measure the persons head who will wear the hat from top to below the ear on one side and that will give you the final length of the overall project. The round red loom fits babies and for my older kids I usually use the next round size up. Don't forget to double the length for the brim since you will fold it in half on the loom. The winter hat I am working on is a little more complicated. I knit the hat simply with e-wrap just like this one but the ear flaps are a combination of knit stitch and purl (garter stitch but with 2 rows of each alternating instead of one and one) and I used a decrease that is hidden within the row so the edges maintain their knitting form. It didn't matter so much with the bulky fuzzy yarn but it was good practice anyway. :) Give it a try! Everyone always loves it when we send the kids out in candy corn hats.

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