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Is She Dressed for His Return?

Updated: Mar 24

No prophet or messenger from God ever came to God's people saying, "Hey, you're doing a great job, keep that up." No, be careful that the voice crying out in the desert to make straight the paths for the King isn't the one that offends you or the one referred to as "tearing down" the church. Those who tear down the church attempt to correct her without any direction or hope for how things will be made better. Those who tear down the church also are those who help her keep sleeping and pacify any conviction she might feel about waking up, walking right or being holy. The Lord isn't moved by our words. He is looking for the walk in His brides talk. But the prophet is the one crying, "Wake up! (for you are glutinous and have been lulled into sleep) Put on your wedding garment (remove the rags), fill your lamps with oil (for they are low). The soon coming King stands at the door and knocks. Time is running out for you so change your mind now, straighten up and fly right (because you have no excuse for this behavior, the Spirit of God lives in you). Do this so it will go well with you on that Great Day when He returns. That has always been the message from God through His prophets and they have many times been killed for it but it is no less the message. It's more dangerous that we look to well packaged and performed worship services as the denominator the Holy Spirit has 'moved in a service' rather than looking for the fruit of His presence in it, like healing, and deliverance and a permanent shift in what once was a depraved mind. Where Jesus treads people are changed, it is as simple as that. Where people are not changed, Jesus has been resisted. The fruit of the Presence of God is more than an emotional experience or a feeling, it can be seen. When the bride's feet hit the floor again, does she run?? (and I don't just mean around the room albeit that is fine), but does she run in life, does she sprint forward spiritually? When she wipes the tears from her emotional face, is her heart changed so much that she loves more? (again, not a feeling an action, a visible response) Is her mind so renewed that she goes and "sins no more"? Jesus said bear much fruit. That is the only REAL evidence of where He has been.

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