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I Will Too

Updated: Mar 24

About service this morning.... my heart is still so tender over it... I mean tender. My husband and I were just talking about it have both been brought to tears over again. There were many portions of worship that were a great blessing... the worship (music) was so God exalting, it was wonderful... The message was so uplifting and on point and truthful and it was wonderful. BUT out of it all the part that touched us to the very core is something we have done in different churches many many times without a full revelation as to what we are doing. It was communion! We have always understood the symbolism behind communion, but it is not a symbol. It is a spiritual participation. I know that Mike and my time together lately in the Word has clarified and tenderized us in different ways and it was evident to us this morning. I am thankful my pastor doesn't just go through the motions but he seized the opportunity to chart out the spiritual worship that is taking place in communion. He told a story of a little girl who was sick and desperately needed a blood transfusion to save her life. Many people were tested to find a match for her blood type and finally a match was found. Her brother was the only match for her. So the parents asked the boy if he would do this for his sister and he agreed. Later at the hospital the boy came and was prepared to give blood and the needle was placed in his arm and he laid on the bed, quiet and solemn. After awhile he turned to his parents and said, "When am I going to die?" It suddenly became apparent to them that this sweet boy thought that he was giving his blood so his sister could live and that he would die. He thought he was asked to take her place...... now just let that sink in for a second.... It destroys me every time I think of it! Because he said yes, yes I will do that! The parents quickly explained to him that he was not going to die and helped him understand. But this is the request God made of Jesus Christ and, knowingly, Jesus Christ laid Himself down for us to die. He shed His blood knowing He was to die to take our place in death for our sins. See, Christ is God but He was also a man. He was familiar with our sufferings, with our pain. Sometimes I think we hear so often that Christ died for us that we forget the humanity of Jesus Christ, we forget the preciousness of what He has done for us. When we take communion we declare and participate in this with Him. We not only illustrate what He has done (it's more than just a symbol), we participate in it with Him. And God imparts and enables us with grace to live the life He has for us. We are blessed with the gift of grace in every act of communion. What an honor and blessing this is!! That the God who created all these things and loved us so completely bids that I walk with Him through this "as oft as we do it" in remembrance of Him.... When we take communion, we are encountering Christ in the midst of His great sacrifice every single time. And I leave realizing again over and over... Christ is so much more! He's more than what you experienced yesterday or today. He will be more tomorrow and everyday. He's so much more. There is no god like Him. "He is the Lord, MY God" always with me, always for me!

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