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Back Breaking Love

You know what (among many many other things) I love about the Lord? That He allows me to reject Him if I choose to do so. This freewill that He has given me is an act of His love towards me and it comes with great risk. He is truly good. He has given me the freedom to decide and has done all He can to express His love for me. He laid His life down for me. He took my blame when there was dissension between us (sin). Like a good husband, He woos His bride. He demands faithfulness but by His tremendous love not by force. Forced love is rape. That is not the way God loves. He loves by breaking His OWN back to become lovely to me. And oh how lovely He is to me!! Who can see Him as He really is and not love Him? To know Him is to love Him!! Lord, let me be just like you!! Make me and mold me this way. ♥

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