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Cut It Off

As a woman, one of the best decisions I ever made was not to return the phone calls. You simply do not have to continue to make the same wrong choices just because you already have. If you're in a disrespectful relationship that leaves you feeling hurt over and over again, CUT IT OFF. It's okay to aim high! You're not being conceited to require respect, it's just reasonable. And this goes for every kind of relationship, not just dating, but friendships, working relationships or anything. I determine how the people in my life are going to treat me one of two ways. 1. They treat me with the respect I extend to them or 2. They're not people "in my life". There should be no other option. The other option doesn't lead to any place you really want to go. Living like this also teaches your children to value themselves and be careful who they become entangled with as well.

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