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I Need You, You Need Me

Updated: Mar 24

So I am making hot chocolate in the kitchen and my husband and I are talking while he clears up the dishes so I can then cook.. {that's how we roll sometimes} and while we are talking he makes this great analogy...simple but really good. We are talking about how people can be in relationships with others who are completely different from them and still be great friends and get along well. We tend to be like that ourselves, most of our friends are very unlike us except for a common piece we share. Mike compared it to a puzzle. All the pieces together make a beautiful picture but all the pieces are shaped and colored different. They are made for different places in the picture even though they make one picture. The body of Christ is like this. We can all get along with our different callings and different personality types and we can benefit one another as well because we were DESIGNED to work together. There is supposed to be unity but not necessarily uniformity. The thing that each piece has in common is that part of the piece that connects them all. One is giving and one is holding and when the pieces are interlocked they share that one piece and Christ in each of us is that common piece that holds us together to make something beautiful. And Christ in you may be revealed a little differently than Christ in me so we interlock with those we were designed to be connected with rather than forcing our gifts into the wrong places. You know when you were a kid and you tried to force the puzzle pieces together that didn't belong side by side. You know you did it, you'd press that card board and try to shape it another way but it just didn't work, the picture was messed up. Some pieces are designed to be on the other side of the picture but they are in it. We work together where God designed us to and we interlock with pieces that are totally different looking where we're designed. God makes beautiful things out of pieces. We have to be willing to be interlocked with someone who might not be exactly like us in order to bring out the best in us all and also willing to work apart from others on the same mission if necessary. I need you, you need me. That's how God designed us to be. And on that note, the chocolate is melted, the vanilla is mixed in along with some sugar and cream and cayenne and it's time for some hot chocolate. Sweet Jesus!

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