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The Devourer's Game

Updated: Mar 24

The sins we struggle with today are really no different than the sins Israel struggled with so often in Scripture. The biggest of them all is idolatry. Do we seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first or second or last? The crazy thing is that these idols are traps designed to destroy us. We think they bring us pleasure, but they are destroying us. When we choose to be online for hours but can't find time to read scripture for 10 minutes, we've allowed an idol to set up in our heart. When we find it easy to eat out several times a week but can't give anything week after week at church, we've allowed an idol to set up in our hearts. When we can go to a sporting event and cheer and shout for our team but we can't stay awake in service we've allowed an idol to set up in our hearts. When we can watch TV for hours but we can't show up on a weekend to help pack book bags or food boxes for the needy, we've allowed an idol to set up in our hearts. When we show all manners of kindness to our church friends, but we can't speak a kind word to our children anymore, we've allowed an idol to set up in our heart. Your children are a calling in your life. God has given them to you for a Kingdom work. We should never take that lightly. The same can be said about our marriages. The enemy knows that if he can erect these idols in us we'll never be positioned to be blessed and even what we have will be eaten up because of our disobedience. I'm not telling anyone WHAT they should be giving, I'm simply am saying we should really be honest with ourselves when we say, "I don't really have anything to give" and then we turn tail for the nearest McDonald's, or movie theater, or next impulsive unnecessary purchase. Is what I'm saying okay? Can I be honest? We're all adults here, right? I'm kind of an honest person because it is my hope that every day will be one better than the last for you. I'm not condemning anyone, this is for me as well as you. I am simply calling US to be careful for the pitfalls of the enemy. Idolatry is the beginning of lack and poverty. God doesn't want you to be in poverty. He desires contentment for you but we must follow his pattern in order to protect ourselves from the devourer. The pattern is faithful sacrificial giving. Whatever you give, it has to mean something to you or it doesn't mean anything. The sin of idolatry and faithlessness makes us vulnerable to the devourer. Satan is going to try you either way, faithful or not, BUT he'll be successful when we've been disobedient! God tells us in Scripture that HE will rebuke the devourer FOR US when we trust Him and make no idol before Him. When we seek first the Kingdom and the righteousness of God, then God PROMISES us that we will have everything we need and be blessed. It simply requires faith in Him and a determination to have no other Gods before Him. There is no work that Jesus has done that negates the need for us to be faithful. This is something you can do because God promises to help us by showing us again and again that HE is faithful. Lean not to your own understanding, but trust the Lord. I hope you will be faithful and blessed for the work God has called you to do and for the live God wants you to enjoy. You will be blessed!

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