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Do It Anyway

Updated: Mar 24

The Lord tells us in Scripture that wide is the way to destruction and narrow is the way to the kingdom of heaven. Most go through the wide gate but a lesser number (few) will find their way through the narrow way. Jesus said, "I Am the Way". Don't be discouraged if more people reject your sharing of faith than receive. It's simple math. Jesus Himself was crucified by people. Who could have shared Him better than Himself? And yet, He was rejected.

There is a sober side to ministry and it is this. Not all, even many, and from this scripture we understand that most, will more than likely reject the true presentation of Christ and the gospel but we have to share it anyway. We can't let our fears of what people may think of us or how they may or may not respond stop us from saving a life for all of eternity. It's not a popularity contest, it's a rescue mission. Take it seriously because part of our judgement will include whether or not we were faithful to do what God has called us to do. Be holy and Go and preach and teach and in the end hear "Well done my GOOD and FAITHFUL servant". It's okay if it is rejected, just get the message out there and don't be discouraged in well doing. You're never alone anyway. The Lord is always right there with you, giving you the words and the peace and the encouragement you will need. ♥

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