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A New Thing Kind of God

a new thing kind of god

Just another everyday experience in walking with God: This morning as I was waking up I started to think about my doctor appointment last Thursday. I realized that the doctor I have right now is probably the best ever. When we were done speaking I asked a quick question as he walked out of the room and he came back into the room and sat down and talked with me. He didn't just shoot me a quick answer, which would have been okay, but he took the time to intentionally listen and speak with me. His bedside manner is fantastic!! It is not the uncomfortable experience I had come to know in years past with the birth of my other two children. And then it hit me! This memory has come back to me because God wants me to see the full circle of something He has done. He wants me to see how active He is in my life in the little things that don't make a difference to anyone else in the world but make a difference to me. He wants me to understand HIM better so he shows this to me. God is ALWAYS a "Forward-Moving" God. He is never a "Go-Back" God. He is a "New Things" God. See when I found out I was expecting I found out that my previous doctor who gave birth to both my girls and operated on me after my second child was no longer included as a provider in my particular health insurance. I was devastated because after my surgery I knew that my odds for miscarriage and pregnancy difficulties were higher and in my mind my FEAR had convinced me that I had to go back to this doctor. I was convinced that no other doctor would understand my situation and could give me the care I would need. Well, since there was no changing the bad news I just had to hope for the best, step out in faith and choose someone in Wilson that I knew nothing about. It wasn't my choice at all, I had no choice. Had I known then what I know now about my new doctor I would have chosen him intentionally, but I didn't know and I was consumed with fear and the limited possibilities that fear had given me. It took pressure from God and CLOSED DOORS for me to step out in a way I wouldn't have to understand that God wants better for all of us but most of the time we are too afraid to move forward and content with just going back and taking a hold of something that worked before. God is still bring His children out of their own personal wildernesses and pulling down the strong holds of our minds today. Always believe that He has the best in mind for us and we will get there if we will move forward with Him so He can show us.

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