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Jakob's Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket Loom Knit

Jake's new blanket. Very soft and cozy. I used three skeins of baby yarn - bulky size 6. I cast onto the green long loom all the way around minus 1 peg so not to create a circle but to flat knit all the way around. I cast on all but one peg and then e-wrapped two full rows. I purl stitched 2 full rows and then e-wrapped (stockinette type stitch) the rest of the length of the blanket, using almost all of 3 skeins of yarn. When I felt I was getting close to using up the third skein (I did not count the rows) I purl knit two full rows and e-wrapped a row. I finished with binding off the last row. I used the yarn needle and looped back, down and up, skipping a peg and then coming back to it (loose type of bind off) until I reached the end. I tied it off and then removed the project from the pegs and threaded the end pieces through the blanket. I would call this and easy level project that with consistent knitting could be finished in just a few days. I spread it out over two weeks because I couldn't consistently knit, but that is still pretty good time. He is now wrapped in it. Sleeping sweetly.

UPDATE: (2016) Years later and this blanket is still one of his favorites. It doesn't cover his long body anymore, but it takes it around with him and uses it on his stuffed animals when playing. It's very soft and nice to hold while sleeping.

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