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Battle Park 2012

Updated: May 16, 2023

Battle Park Water Fall

We took a walk through Battle Park in Rocky Mount, NC together today with my new camera I received for Christmas. I have to learn how to use it. It has a lot of buttons and features so it may take a little while. It has rained here for the last few days so I had the feeling we were in for a mushy day by the river. It was cool but not too cold. It was mostly cloudy but the sun danced through the clouds throughout the day casting a spotlight for us here and there. The water was high and I almost caught a photo of a beautiful large crane but sadly it eluded my lens before I could manage the buttons fast enough. Drat, I will catch you in a photo yet Mr. Crane! Here is a bit of the scenery from the day. You'll also see an old building that is no longer in use but it use to be a mill here in Rocky Mount. My great great grandfather immigrated here with his wife and my great grandmother from Copenhagen, Denmark and they lived in a little row house in downtown Rocky Mount. They didn't speak a bit of English and within the first year my great great grandmother died. He would walk from the row house in which they lived to the mill each day and work. They were very hard working and determined people. I am here because they brought us here. I am grateful for the great efforts and sacrifices they made to bring their future generations to a place of freedom. Anyway, here are the photos.

Battle Park Walking Trail

This old building is now in the process of becoming a brewery.

Old Mill at Battle Park 2012

UPDATE: This Mill has been successfully updated along with the area around it. I will post new pictures soon. It's great to see it all coming back!

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