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A Weekend at the Coast

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Night in Rodanthe - Rodanthe (NC) House Before It was Moved.

Recognize this house? It's the house used in the movie "Nights in Rodanthe" from the Nicholas Sparks book. Can you imagine going to bed in this house at night? I love the beautiful North Carolina coast but this might be taking it a bit too far. I mean, water under the house?? I have read that the home has since been moved from this location. If this isn't proof that North Carolina has seen some erosion then what is? Even with the erosion our beaches are beautiful. We love to take a day trip down to Emerald Isle or Morehead City's Atlantic Beach. We usually pull off on one of the public beach accesses where we can wash up after a day on the beach. We roll our windows down and pull away around sunset. We stop off to grab a few milk shakes and ride home with cooler winds blowing, the radio playing, and girls asleep in the back seat.

There is a place in Beaufort where you can take the ferry over to Shackelford Island and Sand Dollar Island. Shackelford Island is where you will see the wild horses running along the shore lines. They really are beautiful. Sand Dollar Island is covered in shells, sand dollars, and even hermit crabs. We took a camping trip to Emerald Isle in the beginning of June (2012) to celebrate my daughters 10th birthday.

Gazebo Holiday Trav-L Park Resort Emerald Isle 2012

We stayed at the Holiday Trav-L Park Resort and I have to say it is the best beach camping we've ever done. It was extremely clean and well maintained. The people were friendly and the amenities for families were awesome. There were activities planned every day, there is a large pool, and you can walk right down to the sandy beach. At the beach there is a large resort gazebo with plenty of concessions. It just could not have been any nicer. The cost was very reasonable, I couldn't figure out why it was so cheap, but I wasn't complaining. There are fun things for the family to do nearby and restaurants to eat. Below are some photos of our beach trips.

Below are a few of our photos from our trip. The first is a shot of boaters from the Emerald Isle bridge. The second is a fish from the NC Aquarium. The other shots are various shots on the beaches.

Above are shots from the beach at Emerald Isle, NC. Below is a photo from the aquarium at Morehead, NC.

Lazy on the water at Ermald Isle... (below)

Happy 10th Birthday to my Zoe with her little sister, Willow looking on behind her. Emerald Isle Camping Trip 2012.

Okay, now I want to take a day trip to the beach!! Maybe next week. While the girls are out for summer break it is easy to throw a day away on the white sand.

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