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  • Julie Branstetter

God Is Faithful

I have two little girls, ages 10 and 6, and one little boy on the way. We are a family of 5 and by the end of May we will fully realize it. But instead of talking about the future, I want to share something with you today that started in my heart years ago that I hope will encourage you today because what was spoken to me as an intimate moment between the Lord and myself years ago became a reality to me just now. There are promises that God will make to us in our private time together when we pray that we may have to wait years to see become reality. They may be little things or they may be enormous but to God they are just a part of what He does every day. When my second daughter was born we decided we would not plan any more children. Having not taken drastic measures not to have more children there was always a chance but unlike my first two, I did not intend to ever PLAN another pregnancy. I am a Type A personality. Everything is planned and coordinated in my world and when it isn't, then I re-plan and we just follow a new plan. I know, it sounds stifling to the free spirited but it also comes with a sense of welcomed security for everyone. No one should ever go camping without adequate water, right? So after my second child began to grow out of her clothing I realized I was collecting clothes and shoes and toys in bags in our storage shelter that would PROBABLY not be used again and I was faced with a moment of decision. What do I do with all of this stuff? Well, my type A personality said, "Just keep it stored here since it is not in the way because YOU NEVER KNOW when you will get a surprise and may need it again." Now that was my own mind and my own thinking. But quietly inside of my heart I felt something else. I felt the Holy Spirit whisper what He so often whispers; "...give it away". He didn't tell me to have a yard sale because a little extra money is always helpful. He didn't tell me to keep it stored up for tight times. He said what He always says, "...give it away." Now let me give you a little bit of information about me, something I really never ever share because either there isn't a "right" moment to share it or even I, at times, am cautious not to give the wrong impression to God's people. God has always (always) provided for us and we have always been miraculously blessed. Even so, we also know what it means to wonder where and when the blessing will come. We are givers. God has turned our hearts towards giving and it is who we are, glory to God alone. But sometimes, yes often times, we live pay check to pay check because instead of chasing wealth we have always chased opportunity to serve and that has often left us pouring out as much as what comes in. Do we wish we could give more? Always!!! Every day I wish I had more because I could do more and I don't mean just for us, but I could serve more and give more. I realize I will never be able to fill every need whether it is my own or someone else’s, but that does not change my desire to be able to fill one more need than what I have filled. I think this is okay. I think that is a part of who God wants us all to be so I am okay with that. What type of person would I be if I saw needs unmet and felt satisfied with it? I realize that God owns all things and all things are available to me but they are available in His timing and for our good and sometimes too much is not in our best interest. Israel always forgot God when they lived in plenty. I would rather remember God from day to day and be provided for daily than to have too much and forget the Lord who has blessed me. "Lord, if that be the case, let me have just enough to please You and be a blessing." So we aren't wealthy or even well off. In fact, to be an honest and open book for you, from week to week, after we pay our bills, we often may have about $20 left over for surprise expenses and sometimes, as I am sure you know, $20 doesn't cover surprises and doesn't allow much to save either. BUT even so, here we are. Blessed with all that we need and as things arise, God always provides. It's not something that has just been happening for a few months. No, God has been doing this for at least 15 years now. It has taught us to be completely reliant on Him for all things and remain alert to what He is always doing. When I look ahead, the temptation to fear is very real as my children grow older and their needs are bigger, yet I am drawn to remember each time that God does not change and is not poor so neither am I. My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches not according to mine. I simply trust Him and live soberly. Now back to what happened today. About 7 years ago, I was tempted to hold on to something I really didn't need. But the Holy Spirit coaxed me to release it and because I obeyed, now 7 years later, God has placed a blessing in my life that I needed. This was God's promise to me, I remember it clearly. He said, "If you will give these things away, I will make sure that if you are in need of them again, you will have them just as easily as you had them the first time. I will provide!" He basically said, "What you make happen for others, I will make happen for you." And I know Him well enough to know that when He speaks like this, you can take it to the bank. There is no other like Him. If there exist anyone on earth who is faithful, how much more is God in heaven whose Name is Faithful! So, I found people to give things to who had babies on the way or children who were growing up over the years. At times I simply donated what I had to ministries that helped people with needs, always remembering that what I was sowing I would one day reap somehow in some way. Maybe it would not be clothes, but in some way I would reap from it, be it spiritually or otherwise. Today a friend of mine and of the KCM ministry, whom I believe God has placed in my life completely for the sake of ministry and friendship, met me with a car loaded down with clothing for our soon to be baby boy. She also had several packages of baby diapers and other baby items. I knew this would really be a blessing but as I sat down this morning and went through the bags and bags of clothing my heart melted over and over again. Yes, the tiny clothes are cute and it did make me think of the tiny baby that would soon be in our home and family again, but what did I think of the most? GOD IS FAITHFUL!!!!!!!!! GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!!!! The clothes are so well taken care of and so very nice. I mean, this little man is going to be looking good every day of his little life! God not only provided but He provided exactly as I would have except I did not have to spend a dime. Is this how others felt when they received the beautiful dresses and shoes we gave away? Oh Lord, thank you! I have reaped the same heart that I blessed and if not for HIS PROMISE I might have missed it! It's about more than hand me downs or clothing or diapers. This is a God moment, a precious (precious) moment, when God is whispering, "See? I knew about today before any of these children had even been planned or born. Before you could even ask me or have need of it, I worked it out already." THIS is the God that loves me. This is my Father who takes care of me and teaches me. This is who I will always trust. So I say thank you to Him for being such a magnificent dad and thank you to my friend for being such a precious sister. The family of God is His blessing to us. Don't miss it attempting to make everything work out on your own. :) If you are in a season of wondering where the break-through will come from let me remind you that you do not have to do everything on your own. If you will trust Him and simply open up what you already have for Him to use and multiply, He will do it and He will draw you closer to Him than you could have imagined. God is faithful. God is good. God loves you! Rest in knowing that He will keep you and things are always (always) going to work out.

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