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Mystery Shopping

I have been working from home in various ways over the last 22 years.  Secret shopping has been and still is something people ask me how they can get involved in, some for fun, others out of the need for a little extra income.  Since I have compiled a great deal of information over the years, learning this on my own, I decided to share the information here.  I was doing this before Mystery Shopper Certification initially existed.  For help getting started, first read the two links on "How To Get Started Mystery Shopping" and the "Supplies You Will Need".  You probably already have them around the house.  Look through the directory of companies who will contract you to mystery shop for them.  It is free to sign up with them.  They will add you to a database list of people who are interested in being contracted for work.  They send out emails to people based on their zip codes and from there you either reply to secure the assignment or just ignore it.  Set aside about 3-4 weeks initially and work through each link in the directory, signing up for each company.  You will begin to receive offers for shopping assignments in your email inbox almost immediately.  The more companies you sign up for, the more databases you'll be in and the more offers you'll have to choose from overall.  Sign up for as many as you can and keep records of your usernames and passwords for each company website.  You'll log into their websites to fill out your reports after an assignment.  All this will be included in the links mentioned above too.  I have only provided links for companies based in the United States since that is with what  I am most famailar.

Once you've read the two links above on how to get started and what you will need, you can move on to the directory link below and start signing up with companies.  Happy Secret Shopping!



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