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A Sweet Moment

I had a sweet moment tonight. Jakob came into my room while I was reading and studying the Bible. He laid on my bed real quiet. I knew he was there, but I was engrossed in what I was doing.

After a few minutes...

Jakob: "Hey mom." Me: "Hey shoog." Jakob: "Are you reading the Bible?" Me: "Yes, I am." Jakob: "Can you read it out loud?" Me: "Sure...let me get to the next paragraph so you can understand what I am reading."

While I was reading to the next paragraph to myself...

Jakob: "I bet I could probably read some of that myself."

I suddenly realized, I have taught him to read, and he can read the Bible, he just hasn't done it himself yet. I don't mean a children's bible, but he can read from mine. Suddenly I remembered sitting with my Granddaddy Petway in his recliner and one day, instead of him reading it all to me, he suggested we take turns, so when he paused, I would read whatever word his finger stopped under. At first it was the word "I" or "and" or "thee", and, eventually, I read it all to him. I always felt that he had "taught" me to read with the Bible, and in a way he had. ❤ Now my son is reading the Bible to me.

Me: "You know what Jak? I think you can read most of this!"

Jakob: (picks up reading 1 Cor 9:16...) "...yes, woe is me if I do not preach the gospel! For if I do this willingly, I have a reward...He read on through the end of the chapter (v27) and we talked about what it means to discipline our body (emotions and thoughts) and bring it into subjection.

He is one precious boy! What a sweet way to end the night. 🙌

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