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Art Owl

Art Owl

Have students recreate their own version of this owl with paint, chalk, watercolors, pastels, felt or mixed mediums. Print out a copy and draw their attentions to the simplicity of the lines for the basic shape of the tree and limbs and leaves and owl. Then add layers of texture with various techniques in shading and highlighting. Point out the cool colors for the night as a backdrop and the warmth of colors for the owl and owls eyes. Have them focus on layering lighter and darker colors to create depth and practice smudging pastels to make the feathers looker softer or fuzzy. If your student is young and has trouble drawing replicas of images, teach them to lightly sketch a grid (like a tic-tac-toe grid) over the picture and work on sketching one box at a time in the grid. It's like putting the picture together like a puzzle but drawing each piece. It doesn't have to be a perfect replica, just observe for progress in their ability to sketch and work with mediums to create techniques in shading and color.

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