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8 Great Math Game Websites

Online math games are a fun way to add variety into a living math approach. They can be used as rewards, review, or even an introduction to a new concept, depending on the game. Here are 8 great math game sites for homeschoolers, arranged in no particular order. You don't have to be a home school parent or student to use these. If your child needs supplemental math practice, these websites are free for all. Learning is always more effective when it feels like play.

Math Game Time
1. Math Game Time

Math Game Time has games for Pre-K to 7th grade. Besides being arranged by grade, games are also arranged in a convenient list of skills such as fractions, probability, multiplication, etc. The games are fairly simple in their layout but do provide an engaging format for practicing what might be boring on a worksheet.

2. Funbrain

Funbrain includes a math arcade among other academic subjects. Games are also arranged by grade level K-8.

3. Number Nut

Number nut activities are really online quizzes instead of real games. The site is easy to navigate with lots of math skills featured. The home page outlines all the main topics very clearly.

4. Toy Theater

Among other subjects, Toy Theater has a math category. The games are very attractive but graphically simple. All of the games deal with basic math skills for the youngest of learners — less than and greater than, matching, counting, and patterns.


Games are one feature of the entire system of teaching multiplication offered at The games all center around memorizing the multiplication tables, so they are not arranged any other way than my theme. However, you can select a single math problem and get games that cover it. (It would be nice if you could select

6. Math is Fun

The home page of Math is Fun is divided by concept and leads to textbook like information. There are some games, but the most valuable part of the site is probably the multiplication drill activities that help a child memorize through repeated exposure. Higher grade math games and study are available on this website. High School level math can be easily found here. Click on the word INDEX on the main page and it will give you a choice of grades to choose from. It ranges from PreK into High School.

7. Hooda Math

The games on this site are fairly well done and cover a good range of math skills. Games are divided into three broad categories: logic, arithmetic, and geometry, so it’s fairy easy to find a game for whatever topic you need.

8. Arcademic Skill Builders

On this site, the games are neatly organized along a yellow horizontal strip: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Integers, Decimals, Money, Fractions, Time and other non-math topics.

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