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  • Julie Branstetter

Baby's Winter Toboggan

Knit Winter Baby Hat

Here is the winter toboggan I wrote about in the last post entitled "Candy Corn Hat". I knitted this one on a round red loom with bulky fuzzy yarn (blue and white) and I basically used the simple e-wrap. I purled a line around the brim, if you look closely you can see a raised ridge near the edge of the brim that goes around - that's the purled row. I made the flaps by starting with 8 pegs and knitting a garter style stitch (knit 1 row, purl one row) and I decreased the width of my stitch every couple of rows until I decreased down to two pegs and then e-wrapped (I-cord stitched) the length I wanted for the ties. I decreased within the row to keep the edging uniform but with this fuzzy fabric it probably wouldn't have mattered. I have made that my stock method of decreasing because it doesn't hurt to simply do it this way since it does look better on lighter yarns. Instead of pulling the knit off the far edge pegs, I pull the second peg from the edges inside and move the outer peg knit in one and keep knitting (pulling over 2 on those pegs where I have doubled up as usual). The extra knit disappears within the row without changing the wrapping on those end pegs. Then once I was down to 2 pegs I just e-wrapped both (wrapping like a figure 8 and then pulling over) until I reached the length of the cord desired. I can't tell you exactly how many rows or knits it was because I did it all by sight and basic length measurement. What fit my baby Jakob is what I did, but this hat would fit any young baby. :) Have fun experimenting with your knits! Cooler weather is on the way!! <3

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