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  • Julie Branstetter

Early Spring Sprouts

I finally had a free morning to walk through my yard early and take some photos of our early signs of spring

in Elm City, North Carolina I love these new photos and I love to see things coming back to life.

Here is what we have so far.

hostas sprouts

Hostas bursting out of the wet earth, reaching for the sun.

parsley sprouts

Last year's parsley pot coming back...


and chives...

pink bush blooms

The bushes we planted last year are covered in new growth and pink blooms.

flower sprouts

Flower seeds popping from recycled pots...

apple blossoms

Apple blossoms, but not many... We'll have to visit the farmer's market for many apples this year. That's what happens when the kids attempt to climb a tree with limbs that cannot hold them. *sigh*


Spinach (above) and lettuce (below) say hello!


red potato plants

And finally, one of my favorite experiments this year; sprouted red potatoes from my kitchen!

I had about 5 or 6 red potatoes that began to sprout so I left them on the kitchen table and eventually the sprouts turned green and began to develop tiny leaves. So as I planted my seeds for lettuce and spinach and herbs I used half of one of my small raised beds to bury the potatoes and see what would happen. Not very long later I walked outside and suddenly the potatoes had sprouted out of the ground with great strength! It will be fun to see how this story ends? I've heard that each potato will end up producing around 4 more of it's kind. We shall see. :)

UPDATE: We harvested loads of potatoes and even found potatoes the following season from tiny pieces we missed during the first harvest. They just kept appearing.

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