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  • Julie Branstetter

Drink More Water

7 Side Effects of Soda

Okay, calm down calm down! I drink a soda too every now and again, but I saw this and it reminded me of something I wanted to post about here. I'm not telling anyone they should never ever drink soda, even though cutting soda out completely would be MOST helpful to everyone's health, but I would like to say that the rate at which people drink soda today is alarming and I truly believe it has a great deal to do with the rise in cancer today, especially in women. Nearly every single woman I know that has had breast cancer has also been a chronic diet soda drinker. I don't mean a soda once in while , but IV in the arm, soda can at hand constantly soda drinker. These facts about soda can't be good for our bodies cumulatively. I have personally seen in my health that drinking plenty of water and making water the drink of choice most often has solved a number of my physical ailments. Sometimes our bodies are dehydrated and we don't realize it. And sometimes we think we are hungry and we eat when in fact our bodies are actually dehydrated and we are thirsty. If you wait to feel thirsty to drink something you are probably not getting enough of anything to drink everyday. And if you turn to sodas, teas, and coffee when you feel thirsty then you are further dehydrating yourself. Those drinks are diuretics so even if they feel refreshing, our bodies won't agree. I have also noticed that when I began trying to drink more water I had to make myself do it, it was not the drink of choice at that time because I had become addicted to sugar in my drinks. Once I effectively cleaned my palate I actually preferred water. And even more surprising was that when I had a soda, later on, it didn't taste the same to me anymore. It wasn't nearly as refreshing as I thought I remembered it to be. If you keep drinking it you will eventually feel the same about it because your body will again become addicted to the sugars in it. Drinking water with your meals helps you not overeat and also enhances the flavor of the food. Now, again, I'm not saying never have another soda or that soda is evil, but adding more water and less soda to your diet will definitely boost good health and you are worth it. Your body is important. Take care of it, there are no spares.

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