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Baked & Dipped

Baked & dipped food items are only available for local pickup. I will contact you when your order is ready. Orders are ready within 3 days. All foods are made to order; larger orders may take a bit longer.  

= Available for local pickup only

Gourmet Crust-free

New York Cheesecake

Sweet Honey

Butter Bread

Rosemary Bread

Large Loaf

Rustic Rosemary Bread.jpg

Variety Dipped

Chocolate Berries

dipped strawberries3.jpg

Rocky Road 

Fudge Slab


Salted Caramel

White Fudge Slab

white chocolate caramel fudge_edited.png

Chocolate Peanut

Butter Fudge Slab

peanut butter fudge_edited.jpg
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